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The Halton District School Board is committed to providing timely, effective communication to parents and/or guardians and students concerning school‐related items. The following methods of electroni ccommunication are used by the Board and schools. 

Home Notification System

The Halton District School Board relies heavily on the Home Notification System for communication with parents. The system, called Synrevoice/SchoolConnects enables the Board and its schools to send messages primarily by email (but can also be sent by telephone) to the parent/guardians of our more than 60,000 students. Parents are asked to provide their schools with a current email address and telephone number so that you can receive these types of messages. 

Student Attendance Reporting

The Halton District School Board uses an automated attendance reporting system called the Student Attendance Reporting system (by Synrevoice/SchoolConnects). Absences and late arrivals must be reported using the 1‐877‐409‐6310 number, the web portal ( or through the‘Get SafeArrival’ mobile apps from either Google Play or Apple App Stores. 

Same day absences or late arrivals for secondary schools can be reported up until the start of the LAST period of the day (this is 1:26pm for Nelson) for their school. The system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report future absences and late arrivals. When calling the 1‐877‐409‐6310 number only when you hear your confirmation number will the absence be reported to the school. To report multiple students in the same grade, please ensure you call from your primary telephone number (home or unblocked mobile). 

Invitations with passwords for the online reporting are sent through an email. If you do not have your email go to enter your email address as the Login Name and click on“Forgot?” beside the password field. Follow the directions. As a security feature parents need to authenticate their Student Attendance Portal the first time they login. The Authentication process involves School Connects calling the primary (usually home) phone number and providing the parent with a verification number. Any changes to personal information must be provided to the school office. In addition to reporting absences or late arrivals, you will also be able to view the contact information on file for you at the school as well as announcements sent by the school or the Board through the HomeNotification system (above). 

When a student is marked absent from school and there is no absence or late arrival reported through this system, the school will launch an automated call out using the Home Notification system resulting in a call and/or email to parents informing parents of the absence. During the morning call out parents will be asked to respond to the automated message to provide a reason for the absence.