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Thursday, February 2 - Final Evaluation Block Review Day
This day is an in-person day. Students will be provided the opportunity to review Final 30 work and receive feedback on their evidence of learning. This date will involve a timetable where attendance is taken and students will meet in-person with their teachers for a review period. This is a shortened day - the schedule for this day is as follows:

Announcements and Period/Course 1 8:10 - 8:50
Period/Course 2 8:55 - 9:30
Period/Course 4 9:35 - 10:10
Period/Course 5 10:15 - 10:50
**Please note that buses will run on their regular schedule

Friday, February 3 - PA Day (Secondary Schools)  - No school

Monday, February 6 - Semester 2 begins

Learning Resources for Families
The HDSB is providing literacy and mathematics resources for families to support student achievement and enhance learning at home and school.

Literacy and Mathematics Resources

Online COVID-19 School Screening Tool
Students and staff must complete the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool prior to attending school each day. 

Complete School Screening Tool

Mental Health &
Well-Being Resources
Mental health and well-being support and resources are available for students and parents/guardians.  

Mental Health & Well-Being Resources

Click HERE to view 'Director's Cut Episode 6 ~ How classrooms are implementing HDSB's 2020-2024 Multi-Year Plan'

In 2021-2022, we introduced staff, students and the community to the framework of the HDSB’s 2020-2024 Multi-Year Plan and how it drives learning across the system. Now, we take a closer and deeper look at the classroom level, showing how each of the five areas of focus are integrated and implemented into everyday instruction at the elementary and secondary level.

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