Final 30% Evaluation

Final 30% Evaluations for Semester 2 - 2023/2024

Semester 2 Final Evaluations will run from Thursday, June 20, 2024 to Wednesday, June 26, 2024. A detailed schedule will be posted closer to semester end.


The Final 30% process allows for students to consolidate their learning in their current courses and allows students to receive feedback on their understanding of overall curriculum expectations. Teachers will be communicating the composition of the Final 30% in each class.  The classroom teacher will indicate the best methods of preparation for the final evaluation(s).  Please contact your teacher if you have questions or concerns.



The final 30% evaluations provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning during the last 15 school days of a course. The final 30% evaluations may include a variety of evaluation activities (e.g., a written exam, a performance, a small group discussion, an interview, an essay, and/or other methods of evaluation suitable to the course). 

The Key Dates calendar, which includes dates for the final 30% evaluation, is posted in the ‘Key Dates’ page here. Students are expected to be in attendance on those dates unless unable to attend by reason of illness or extenuating circumstances.  

The school does not give permission for absences from school for purposes such as vacations, employment or other discretionary reasons.  Parents/Guardians who withdraw students during school time are advised that depending on the timing and length of the absence, there may be serious academic consequences including issuing a zero for a missed evaluation.

Extenuating circumstances must be outlined to the Administration well in advance of planned absences.  This form must be completed before a decision regarding rescheduling a final 30% evaluation is finalized. 

Parents/Guardians and students should note the following:
-It may be necessary for assignments that are due during the planned absence to be submitted prior to the absence.
-Teachers are not required to reschedule evaluations missed due to discretionary absences.
-Teachers are not required to reschedule missed instruction to accommodate discretionary absences.
-Some courses may have unique requirements for which it may not be possible to make up for all work missed.  A zero may be assigned if the work missed is designed to demonstrate an overall expectation of the course.
-Evaluation situations such as group work and presentations may also not be able to be repeated, and may result in a zero.

Process for Requested Absence:
-The student picks up an 'ABSENCES DURING FINAL 30% EVALUATIONS' form from the main office, or you can print it HERE.
-The student completes the form with teachers and gets it signed by a parent/guardian. 
-Student returns the form to the main office.
-Administration consults with teachers and Program Leader as needed.
-Administration meets with the student to convey expectations and decisions.
-Administration communicates the decision and plan to teachers.