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We have received some questions around the offering of courses through summer school. All summer school courses (other than civics and careers) will be offered synchronously and require students to attend the online sessions. You can visit the Summer School website here.

Clarification around summer school courses:

Q: Are all O (remote courses) in summer school asynchronous, like e-learning courses during the school year? Or do I have to be online on a Google Meet for class time? Or is it just the Civics and Careers that are asynchronous?

The O remote courses in summer school are synchronous for 5 hours per day. Students are expected to be fully engaged in synchronous learning for the first 4 hours as well as be online for the final hour of teacher support (there is no flexibility over this 5 hour period as students are expected to be online the entire time).

The Civics and Careers is being offered asynchronously. It is the only course being offered by HDSB summer school that will meet the e-learning graduation requirement which requires the course to be fully asynchronous to count toward this specific requirement. (HDSB details are coming in May).

Q: If I take Civics and Careers online this summer, does this count as my 2 e-learning requirements (that we need now to graduate), since it is actually 2 different courses?

Every 110 hours counts toward one of the e-learning graduation requirements - so Civics and Careers will count as only 1 of the 2 e-learning requirements (note: each course is a 0.5 credit, so combined they satisfy 1 e-learning requirement).

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