grade 11 nelson students

Full Disclosure for Grade 11 & 12 Students:

Full Disclosure for Semester 2 is Friday May 3, 2024. Students wishing to drop a grade 11 or 12 course without the course appearing on their transcript must do so before this date.

What is Full Disclosure? Any Grade 11 or 12 course completed, dropped or failed after the full disclosure date will appear on a student transcript along with the marks earned in the course. If a student drops a senior course prior to the full disclosure date, the course will not show up on their final transcript. Full disclosure does not apply to Grade 9 or 10 courses.

what do I need to know when choosing?

If you are planning on going to University or College, you will need to know what prerequisites are required for your program.  Do some research to ensure that you have made the right choices.

As a minimum to apply to University, you will need 6 courses with 4U or 4M in the course code; for example, ENG4U1 or TDJ4M1.

How do i choose my courses for grade 12?

We start talking to you about this process in November but your final course selection for next year isn't done until February.

Start planning now by using the High School Planner option on myBlueprint. Login using the "School Account Log In" option.

Course descriptions and required prerequisites can be found here.  Use the flowchart to determine what you need to take a grade 12 course.

Here is the Grade 11 IPP Presentation explaining how to get started.

interested in contextualized learning?

Pathways Programs are contextualized learning experiences that incorporate real world situations, curriculum integration, and cross-curricular literacy and numeracy.   Explore OYAP, SHSM and Specialized programs offered by HDSB.

Start your exploration here:  Halton Pathways programs 

not sure what you want to do?

Take a career quiz to identify your strengths, and in about ten minutes you’ll get a list of ten jobs that may be a good fit for you. You can consider the results of this quiz in combination with other resources as you make career-related decisions.   Take the quiz 

Explore 500 job profiles to find the one that's right for you. As you explore, add job profiles to your list to view and compare highlights. Search job profiles