grade 12 nelson students

missed the post-secondary assembly?

No problem! we've got you covered

Video Presentation: Grade 12 Post-Secondary Assembly Sept 2020

In the video, there are a number of links to websites to be used for research. Once you have viewed the video, please open the slide presentation below to use any of the links.

We would also ask that you complete the Graduation Requirements form below. This is important information that we need in order to prepare for commencement at the end of the year.

If you have any Community Service Hours that need to be submitted, please use the form below to submit them. You will need to scan any letters or forms and attach them with your submission.

Slide Presentation with active links: Grade 12 Post-Secondary Assembly Sept 2020 slides

Graduation Requirements form: Do you know your graduation requirements?

Community Service Hours: Community Service Hours submission form

Looking for the community service hours tracking sheet?

The sheet and rules for eligibility can be found here: Tracking sheet Eligible/Ineligible activities

have community service hours to submit?

Submit your hours here: Submit Community Service hours

Looking for some ideas for community service hours?

Search here for opportunities: Volunteer Halton SPARK Ontario

Check here for ideas from the board: HDSB ideas during COVID

When can I start and how many do I need?

Students can start accumulating their hours in the summer following their grade 8 year. You need to complete 40 hours to graduate.

interested in contextualized learning?

Pathways Programs are contextualized learning experiences that incorporate real world situations, curriculum integration, and cross-curricular literacy and numeracy. Explore OYAP, SHSM and Specialized programs offered by HDSB.

Start your exploration here: Halton Pathways programs