grade 9 nelson students

How do i choose my courses for grade 10?

We start talking to you about this process in November but your final course selection for next year isn't done until February.

Start planning now by using the High School Planner option on myBlueprint. Login using the "School Account Log In" option.

Course descriptions and required prerequisites can be found here. Use the flowchart to determine what you need to take a grade 10 course.

missed grade 9 parent night? No problem! we've got you covered

The focus of the material is to provide an overview of the grade 9 program course content, methods of assessment and evaluation, and expectations for students. We hope this video/presentation supports your child’s transition to high school and helps our students and their families develop a sense of belonging and safety in our Nelson school community.

Video Presentation: Nelson High School Grade 9 Night (Virtual)

what does guidance do?

If you have an questions about high school, or you are struggling with your courses, we are here to help and support you.

The Guide to Secondary School has a wealth of information as well.